I’ve just downloaded the 30-day trial to see if I want to purchase this, and I’m having trouble just getting through the tutorial. In Basics, Step 3: Footer View, the instructions ask you to try using the shortcut or menu command to focus the binder selection on Step 3 by doing the following-

“you can simply use View > Reveal in Binder (Ctrl+Shift+8) to force the binder to show you where you are.”

However, when I do this, nothing happens. I see no difference or highlighting to show where I am. :question:
I’m using Windows 7, in case that helps…

If the item is already selected in the binder then nothing will appear to happen. I think in the original instructions, this was in fact the case if you followed everything to the letter. I have since fixed this but I don’t think it’s in the release version yet. Try using the history back button a few times, and then use Ctrl-Shift-8 again and see if that works a bit better.