I tried the tutorial. It says:

Let’s take a look at the Header View. See that bar at the top of the text, the one that has the arrows on the left of it and says “Step 2: Header View” in it? Well, that is the header view (which is sometimes also referred to as the “header bar”).

I don’t see that bar …?

The header view can be toggled with the View/Layout/Show (Hide) Header View menu command, on a per project basis. It’s on by default in the tutorial, so that must have been toggled at some point—or perhaps you have a really old version of the tutorial (it was left switched off once about eight months ago). If you suspect it is old, I would recommend deleting it and creating a new one with the Getting Started pane. If you just downloaded the software the other day and did that, then it’s very unlikely you have an old copy.