Tutoring/job post: Learning How To Scrivener to LaTeX to PDF

From my perspective, Scrivener has very little to do with any of that stuff and is all about the incredibly rich writing platform it provides. How you choose to use the text editor is almost beside the point.

Pandoc probably is the perfect conjunction you’re looking for though, I agree.

If you’re referring specifically to being able to put down an internal hyperlink in Scrivener’s editor and have that come out as Markdown, then you don’t need a template for that. Just go into your compile settings, and in the general options tab on the right, enable the setting to convert links. You might also want to add table and list conversion too, if you have need of those constructs.

So that’s a benefit to using Markdown—Scrivener does quite a lot of conversion out of the box (even a rather comprehensive full formatting conversion approach as an option).

As I recall the main conditional aspect is to switch the font settings depending on whether one is typesetting with XeLaTeX. In that case it will use the same exact Mac system fonts that the regular Modern compile format does, when writing RTF-style. Other than that, I don’t think I do too many crazy things with it, just tweak some spacing and such to make it resemble Scrivener’s “Modern” format.

That aside, if you’re going for academic output and have need of citations and such, I think the learning curve on Scrivomatic is going to be a lot more rewarding down the line. The designer of it is very active on the forums; in fact here is an ongoing thread.

“Modern” was mainly thrown together to provide a simple example of how you could put together such a custom look yourself, and to maybe serve as a nice out of the box casual design for those that want it, too.

:laughing: I don’t think that is something that happens, except perhaps to Donald Knuth and Leslie Lamport! Relatively speaking though, I’ll take it over a word processor any day.