TV News Template

Is there a template in Scrivener that allows writing in the TV news format?
That is, a column with ‘Audio’ and a column with ‘Video?’

You have posted in the Mac technical support forum, so I’m assuming that you are using Scrivener for Mac. Scrivener for Mac comes with a template called “Documentary Script” which, when compiled, generates a three-column documentary script (the three columns being video, time and audio). If you want two columns instead, you can edit the “Scene” document inside the “Templates” folder accordingly, since this document template is used for all scenes added to the “Script” folder. You can find the template in the Scriptwriting section of the template chooser when you choose File > New Project… .

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How do I delete one of the columns?

The easiest way to delete a table column is to right-click in any of the cells for that column and select “Delete Column”.

Got it, thanks.
Now, how do I type in text ABOVE the columns? i.e., ‘Audio’ ‘video’ ‘time’

You would need to make sure an leave an empty space above the table if you need to insert material above it without hassle. It seems the best way to do this is to copy the entire table, cut it, and then either paste into a new document with an empty line in it, or leave the document and come back so that the table code gets properly cleaned up (if you try to just press return where you cut the table out, you’ll get table cell).

In the sample script using the Documentary Script template, the forms fit on a single printed page. But the text is conveniently broken at places where the text will fit on the page. I need to write a long passage that will cover several pages. Will the template generate breaks and open new cells on the new page or will it simply make a massive cell that can’t be correctly printed on the space for a standard page?