tv show templates?

Just wondering, but because it’s possible to use Scrivener to write scripts, is it an idea to have tv show templates or even typical story structure templates as default in the project template window? Or maybe someone already made them?

The trouble is, there are so many possibilities, and we have limited resources. :slight_smile: With regard to TV shows, if you have Final Draft, you can start in Scrivener with the Screenplay template and then load the formatting from a Final Draft template (.fdxt) file via the Script Settings panel to use the formatting of any TV show FD supports. We’re not industry experts as the FD folks are, with no connections to any TV shows, so we are not placed to create any such templates. As for story structure templates, we could easily run into copyright issues there. While there’s nothing wrong with a user building his or her own templates based on Vogler, Schecter or on eight-sequence theory or the snowflake method, we could easily be treading on someone’s toes if we provided them out of the box.

All the best,