Two beginner questions: buying and language


I installed the linux version some days ago and have two questions:

  • How can I buy the linux version? I found only windows and mac versions to buy?

  • How can I use German quotations marks instead of English?

Thank you very much for help!

At present, their linux version is in Beta mode through January of 2016. There is no paid version like there is with Windows and Mac. Think of it as a 15 month trial version!!

As for the question about quote marks, first question is do you have a german keyboard set up within your operating system? If so, can you type them within any other programs (i.e: word processor, spread sheet, bash prompt)? If they’re not working there, they certainly wouldn’t be working within Scrivener.

Additionally, that keyboard layout needs to have a key mapped to that character you want to use.

If you are stuck using an English keyboard layout for some reason you can always use the special hotkey method where you enter in the alt+ to get it to print. It will take too much time to write an explanation of how to set your computer up for that. However, here’s a link below which explains it, and will hopefully help you out. The instructions are specific to Mac and Windows. However, the principle is the same with a linux distro.

Good luck!


(please note, I do not work for L&L. I am just a user who is trying to help you with your internationalization problem)