Two Binders

Is there a view in which I can see two binders of the same project? I haven imported a fairly large group of documents that I need to place individually in proper place , sometimes it takes some consideration where they will be placed. if I could explore in one binder then drag to the other I would be sooo happy . so far everything I wanted to do has been possible ,crossing my fingers

Split the editor and view one part of the binder in outline mode. Use the button at the bottom of that editor that looks like two arrows pointed in opposite directions to make whatever you select show up in the other editor.

For a slightly different take on Robert’s approach, try multiselecting the documents you intend to move. They’ll show up as a group in an editor pane. Toggle that pane to Outline view, and drag one or more documents at a time from that repository to the desired Binder node.

(Your multiple selection remains available in the editor history, should you happen to click away and display a different document. Very handy, like a temporary unnamed Collection.)

Rgds – Jerome