Two bugs - 1.) Font Color in Composition Mode 2.) Compile Format issues

I have a project created in Mac (ver 3). I went to great pains to create a compile format. That format doesn’t work at all in Windows (latest beta ( The format is supposed to override all text with a custom font (Besley) and create a standard manuscript. All it spits out is the front matter and a blank numbered list. Even using the stock manuscript formats just spit out blank numbered lists. Is that because the file originated on a Mac?

Are the compilers different between the two? I would imagine a project specific compile format should work on both machines. Also, where in the Windows version is the option to make all text a certain font? On Mac it’s right there front and center in the compiler window.

Also, in composition mode, no matter what I do, the app does not honor the font colors I select under File > Options > Appearance > Colors > Composition mode. I can change the background color but the font color won’t change from black.

I love the Windows beta and will buy it day one. These are just two small kinks I haven’t figured out. Still, great work team! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!