Two Collumn Print Format

I know it is somewhere here, it may be on the Mac side of things but I really need to have the ability to print in two columns like magazines and some other splat type books.

Yes, a very simple implementation is planned for that. In the meanwhile should be relatively simple to take an RTF file you’ve compiled, open it in LibreOffice or Word, and set the column layouts there before printing.

Is there no way within Scrivener to print a 2 column document?

This is a major problem for me. It is not easy to set up Scrivener then to have to set up another word processing.

Hopefully there is some type of work around in Scrivener.


There is on the Mac, just not on Windows yet. If your compile window has a “Layout” section, then it should also show a “Columns” sub-section there. If not, try changing the Compile For: drop-down to RTF, Doc, Docx, or odt.

It did not work with PDF but when I changed to doc or rtf the option was there. But when I opened the output in libr office it looked horrid.

So back to the drawing board.


As long as we are on the subject I would love to see the option of rotating a page. One of my goals was to print out what I have been writing and carry it with me in my day timer. To do this I built a custom page with a Swift page layout.

It would be Nice if scrivener had the ability to print out something similar. If it did it would have to be two pages right side up into two pages upside down on the same sheet. I’m not sure how many people would find that is as interesting as I would but as long as we’re speaking in columns I thought it would add my $.02 to rotated text as well.

Please remember that Scrivener is not designed to be a page layout tool. I can’t speak for the development team, but in the past they have said that many such features are simply out of scope for the program.


Old thread, but it seems a lot of people want to turn Scrivener into a page-layout tool. Heck, with all the export options it’s half-way there already. And I know some are get Scrivener because of it.

I just want to write. If I need page layout I’ll go to my word processor of choice, or real page layout software if heavy lifting is required.

So I guess my wish is that Scrivener be insanely great at creation, and not clutter things up with unnecessary features.

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