Two-column dialog script format?

Does anyone know how to make two columns of simultaneous dialog in a Screenplay? I’m new to Scrivener, and this is one feature that seems to be somewhat lacking in most Screenwriting software. I did find a how-to here: … 1329746959

…that is supposed to be able to make Scrivener do it, but following these directions does not produce the result I’m looking for. It says to use the “Formatting > Preserve formatting” function to make it happen, but I’m not seeing dual-column dialog neither when I print or compile.

Is this just a feature that Scrivener is missing, or am I doing it wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help!

This technique is only for the Final Draft format. So any program that can load FDX files and is also capable of laying out dialogue in columns should be showing the correct result. I just tried again with Final Draft and got the intended look.