Two Columns in Text

Most discussions seem to deal with columns found in tables. I am simply trying to create a textbook with multiple chapters where the body of the text is two columns as per my prior editions. I could not find this option in the preferences options. My goal is to first compile the completed chapters into a PDF and send to my publisher and later convert to EPUB. Looking through a few threads it seemed to be saying you had to select two columns during compilation. Thanks in advance for any help :smiley:

Hi, rhoyt, and welcome to the forum!

Yes indeed, multiples columns output is selected at compile time. You may find section 24.13.2 For Rich Text and Proofing of the manual useful for directions on this.

Hope this helps!

Can you have multiple columns in an EPUB? (I’m expecting the answer to be “no”.) :slight_smile:

Thanks. This may prove to be problematic because the main reason I am using Scrivener is the problems with formatting a 500 page textbook using MS Word. It would be much easier if I could see how the two columns look and whether the images are staying put prior to compiling. Will try to test today.