two columns of text, like a newspaper


how do I set the page up to give me two, or even three, columns of text, rather than just a page full please?


I think the only possibility is to split your screen vertically, but you’d be displaying two different files, and not what you want, one file formatted as multiple columns. Scrivener is designed for the content-creation stages of writing, rather than the later stages where appearance matters.

Afterthought: one nice feature of Omni Outliner is its ability to set up multiple columns for drafting.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your writing.

A multi-column version of full screen mode was built a long time ago, for testing. Keith never felt that it worked well though. I agree with his remarks as well. Columns are nice for reading, especially when the physical page is very large (like in a newspaper), but not so great for editing. Deleting a paragraph in one column causes a disorienting shift in all of the other columns. It’s not too bad, but it’s also kind of frivolous.

If however you’re intention is to publish with multiple columns, that is no problem. There is no need to hassle with column layout while you are writing. When you are done, visit the Layout compile option pane to set that stuff up, when using a compliant output format (like RTF).

Thank you.