Two covers in same Novel Format project?

I’m in “Novel Format” and finished one book. Then wrote a Prequel so now there are two books in the same “Novel Format.” When I duplicated “Manuscript,” the new file appeared as a regular folder which is where I wrote the Prequel.

The Prequel is now finished. I need a different cover for each ms when I compile to e-book and can’t figure out how to get two covers into the “Novel Format” front matter.

Writers of series must deal with this but my searches haven’t turned up a solution to the two manuscripts/two covers issue in the same Project. Can someone help?

Many thanks.

Actually for e-books, the front matter folder is not used to set the cover, as that is a special attribute of the e-book rather than a content page. Some of the templates we provide do have an example cover in the front matter folder, but it isn’t used from there, it is assigned from the Cover compile option pane. Just make sure that both covers are imported somewhere into the Binder, and you can switch between the two using that Cover pane.