Two devices open at the same time

Perhaps this topic is covered in somewhere else or maybe in tutorials, so please forgive me if this is nothing new. But I couldn’t find any clear answers.

When I’m writing with my iPad, I need to read and check notes from Research folders. But it’s not convenient to go look at them in iPad because then I have to leave the Editor. So, I have my iPhone’s Scrivener open and I’m checking my Research notes from there, so I can write without distraction in my iPad.

If I have these two devices open at the same time, but I’m ONLY syncing with iPad and iPhone is just open and I’m going through the folders without editing and syncing, is this ok as long as I don’t sync anything in my iPhone while the iPad is open?

If I understood it correctly, Srivener doesn’t have an automated backup (thank God!), so this shouldn’t be an issue. But just checking if I’m gonna corrupt my project with this method or if this is ok?

Should be fine. But even if you mess up and accidentally change something on your iPhone, Scriv is paranoid and all “conflicting” files will be saved in a new folder with a big yellow triangle on it. Then comes the annoying checking of the files to see which you want.

There is a way to avoid any risk. After you sync your IPhone but before you start work on your iPad, tap Edit on your iPhone projects screen. Select the project you’re about to work on, and then tap the Duplicate icon at the bottom of the screen. DON’T SYNC. You’ll need to tap Done and then tap Edit again. Now, drag the duplicate down to the On My iPhone area. Tap Done and open the project that’s in the On My iPhone area. You can now work with confidence that none of any inadvertent changes on the iPhone will make it to DB and from there to your iPad.

When it’s time for the next edit session, again after you sync your IPhone but before you start work on your iPad, tap Edit on your iPhone projects screen. This time select the copy of your project in the On My iPhone area, then tap Delete. Ignore any warnings and insist on deleting. After that you can follow the instructions above again.

Rinse and repeat.

Hope this helps!

Wow, amaziing, thank you so much! That duplicate tip is truly so great! Now I can work without worrying.

This forum (and Scrivener) are so awesome! Love you, guys! :slight_smile:

This process does carry one hazard to be mindful of: that when this process becomes habitual, you might one day delete the active (in-dropbox) project rather than the duplicate. Just stay mindful!


Silverdragon, have you tested this?
What happens if you happen to sync the iPhone after having moved the project to On my iPhone but before deleting it from the iPhone?

I haven’t tested this yet, but I don’t really see any problems there, because the duplicate is a duplicate and it’s in On my iPhone folder, it’s not synced to Dropbox or anywhere with existing project… or am I mistaken here? I’ve been thinking that the stuff On my iPhone folder are in my iPhone and they are not synced, they are just… in my iPhone.

@gr, one thing I didn’t mention, but that will be obvious to DavidWebb when he tries this, is that when the duplicate is made, the new project will have a “-1” appended to its name. So the original project will be named “MyProject” (for example) and the duplicate will be named “MyProject-1”. If DavidWebb always moves the duplicate (“MyProject-1”) to the On My Phone area, the different name will make it much harder to delete the original by mistake.

@Lunk, if DavidWebb makes a second duplicate before deleting the first from the On My iPhone area, the fact that there are two projects named MyProject-1 will (hopefully) be pretty obvious. He then need only delete the old copy from On My iPhone before moving the new copy in. Should he mess up (and heaven knows I do!), Scriv will rename one back to MyProject (so that there will be TWO projects in On My iPhone: MyProject and MyProject-1.) If I got to this point (and yes, I tested it) I’d just delete BOTH the projects in On My iPhone, and do the duplicate/move process again. Remember that the On My iPhone projects are for reference only, so it really doesn’t matter. As long as he avoids syncing, this process is very fast.

Finally, if a MyProject-1 accidentally gets synced to Dropbox—it has a different name from the original, so it won’t write over the original. Just delete that “-1” project, take a deep breath, and start over.

Hope this helps.

@DavidWebb, you’re absolutely right in that the On My iPhone project never gets synced anywhere. So as long as you only delete from On My iPhone (and the projects WILL have different names, as stated above, so they will be tough to confuse) you should be good.

Thank you so much for this and the helpful clarification above! I’m really glad I can keep on writing without worrying this. I would have never thought about that duplicating, it’s a really genious idea! So, thanks again!

As long as you don’t move the original you should be safe.

What about printing the relevant project parts to a PDF and then opening the PDF in split view e.g., Notability?