Two different formats-possible?

When in screenplay mode pages added to the research folder also seem to be in screenplay format. I’d prefer to write notes in a regular word processing format. Is it possible to have the Draft editor be in screenplay format and the research editor be in a different format at the same time?

Yes, you can have both types. Scrivener remembers which was last used/opened and creates new documents in that format, but you can use cmd-8 to toggle a document in and out of script mode. To switch all the ones already created in your Research folder, just select them all and hit cmd-8 (same as unchecking Format>Scriptwriting>Script Mode).

For future reference, questions like this really should go in the Tech Support forum. This one is more for giving tips on how to use Scrivener. The L&L team patrols the tech support forum more regularly and in general your questions will get answered faster there.

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