Two different page numbering schemes

I need to have two different page numbering rules and I have not been able to find a solution in previous forums.

In addition to regular page numbering throughout the main text, I need page numbering in my front matter that begins on a set page, i.e. Roman numerals beginning on page 4 of the front matter with i (not iv).

Under Compile > Page Settings I have set “Different header and footer on first pages” to on and I have set the desired formatting under “Header and Footer Text”. Right now all of my front matter pages, including title page, have a Roman numeral page number and all the main text pages have a standard Arabic numeral.

I’m looking for a way to start my front matter page numbering on page iv (my table of contents), with the number i. Any thoughts?

I’m afraid there is no way of doing this in Scrivener - you would need to export to Word or a page layout program and manipulate the sections and page numbers there. In Scrivener you can have different page numbering for front matter but it always starts either on the first or second page. (The only way of doing what you want in Scrivener would be to print out the first three pages separately, but that won’t help if you’re not printing, of course.)

All the best,

Ok, thanks for the clarification and quick reply. Maybe a future update :slight_smile: