Two formatting issues-pasted font + punctuation remove tab

First, a suggestion due to a Windows GUI standard deviation. The Compile function is a critical function in Scrivener, it should be listed together with Import and Export under File. A grave mistake not having it there and based on searches on Internet, something many have issues finding.

Back to my problems, being two. Have found no solution when searching the net nor L&L website, maybe because I am a non-native English speaker, formulating my searches wrong.

The first is when marking a source on a web page, then pasting into Scrivener, the format is being locked. I need to paste the text into notepad (whatever), then copy it from there to Scrivener. A very irritating process when copying source names etc to my reference list.

The second appeared when doing a simple formatted terminology list, like this line:
IPv4 Version 4 of IP, addresses like
However, any line containing a punctuation or more looks like:
IPv4Version 4 of IP, addresses like
The tab disappears completely as if the punctuation has some secondary function. Have looked around in the menus and found nothing. It is possible to enter spaces, but that was not the intention.