Two Formatting Questions

First question has to do with pre-sets. I’ve set a couple up, and it’s a trifle annoying since, if I have pulled a file into Scrivener which has both italic and non-italic text, and use a pre-set created from something similar, it converts all italic text to non-italic.

I have to assume I’m doing something wrong in how I’m creating and/or using the presets.

Second, is there a correction which with converts TWo capital letters to One?

The double caps thing is one of my favorite TYops, er, I mean, Typos, and it really slows me down to have to go back and correct.

If not, no biggie, but if so, I’d like to know!

Hmm. No one has any ideas?

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. You mean you’re creating a preset that mixes italics and non-italics? Something like this?:

[size=150]Mixed preset[/size]

And then when you apply it, it only uses non-italics, like this?:

[size=150]Mixed preset[/size]

If that is the case, AFAIK it won’t work as you intend to. Scrivener saves the format as a preset but I don’t think it has a logic to apply word-level formatting, but to the text as a whole.

OTOH, if it gets converted to non-italics when you apply “Formatting to default text style”, try applying also “Preserve formatting” to the selected text after applying your preset and the conversion will ignored it.

AFAIK there’s no such an option. It might be expected that “Fix capitalization of sentences” covered that, but only works if you type an initial non-capital letter. :frowning:

Alternatively, you might get used to not ever type a capital, and let Scrivener fix the first one of every sentence for you.

Hope this helps!

I’ll see what I can do with the pre-sets.

Erm, I have enough of a learning curve without trying to get rid of caps at the beginning of sentences. Besides, if I did that, it would carry over into other writing.


Some text expanders or similar global tools can perform the double-capital auto-correct. I’m sure you could do this with AutoHotKey (a Google search would probably turn up some scripts for this) or, more easily, with something like PhraseExpress or Breevy.

Presets are just saved formatting, so applying a preset will apply all the formatting saved in it to your selected text, overriding any existing formatting. Note though you can save just paragraph or just character formatting, so applying indents for a block quote preset doesn’t have to also override character formatting like bold and italics.

I’m not sure how to do “just paragraph” or “just character” formatting when applying the pre-set. It’s probably something simple and obvious – usually is!

Wow. That PhraseExpress looks pretty cool. And it links in with Scrivener AND other programs? (Wonder if it links with my beloved Eudora mail client…)