Two identically named projects

I appear to have two identically named projects with different material. How do I nuke the right one?

In Finder, use Quick Look to inspect the projects. Rename them according to their contents.

If there’s any doubt, open in Scrivener to confirm which name belongs to which contents: Quick Look is only a preview, so it’s not definitive.

Back in Finder, drag the one you don’t want to the Trash.


Thanks very much! How do I get Quick Look?

In Finder, highlight the file you want to view and press the Space Bar.

Thanks! That worked.

Quick Look is an OS X tool, working on all files types in Finder or on the desktop.

In case you don’t already know, if you want to Quick Look lots of files in one swoop, select the files you want (CMD A works for all files in a finder window), press the spacebar, and then use the arrow keys to navigate from file to file. Great for hunting down specific files :wink:


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EDITED: Thanks to @Dr Dog. See below. Woof!

No - Preview is the built in Mac PDF reader :mrgreen:

Doh! I blame the drugs. :blush:

I meant Quick Look. (Will amend the post above!)


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