Two Issues: Pasting Endnotes // Green Status Bar

I’ve been using Scrivener for Windows on and off for a few months and regularly for a month but I seem to have missed a recent update, so this may be no longer helpful. In case, though:

Using 0.0.35 for Windows, Windows 7 x64

Pasting text with notes: Pasting text from a .Doc in OpenOffice that has endnotes, the notes end up inconsistently placed in the Scrivener text. Some turn up like inline annotations and don’t impact the text around them, so that the paragraph maintains its indentation and spacing, but others alter the format of the paragraph in which they (on pasting) have switched from linked endnotes to inline annotations, removing the first-line indent and the double spacing.

Green Status Bar: On several occasions when I’ve had two text windows open side-by-side and one is quite narrow, either with the program fully maximized or only partially sized, a bright green status bar appears in the upper right corner of the right-hand text window, continually filling and refilling, as though the file is saving over and over and over again, regardless of whether or not I’m making any changes to the data or to the position of the windows. I can’t seem to replicate this behavior or figure out when it occurs more specifically, but it’s very distracting and I’m unclear on what it means or how to describe it in a more helpful way.

I’m really enjoying this program so I hope these comments are helpful in some way, even if too late for this round.

Thanks for the reports! The second issue has to do with Scrivener drawing and redrawing the document in the editor–the loading bar would pop up more frequently for longer documents in narrower editors. This has been addressed for later updates, so you should see improvement here for 1.0.

Regarding the notes pasting incorrectly, do you have a sample document that exhibits this issue on paste you could send to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so I could test this out, if you’re still seeing the same issues in 1.0? Endnotes and footnotes should both paste as inline footnotes when coming into Scrivener, so likely it’s something specific about the formatting or the placement of the note in the text, and having an example file to work with will make finding this bug much easier if it still exists in the current version.