Two issues with Scrivener when Compiling

I’m having two separate issues with Scrivener that I can’t seem to fix. I’m using version 3.1.5

Problem 1
I have a book with some pages that have tables. When compiling into Manuscript PDF or 6x9" paperback PDF Scrivener is just chopping off parts of my tables without putting them on the next page. At least 6-10 lines of text just don’t make it into the final output?

Problem 2
I created a TOC by selecting my chapters and clicking Edit…Copy Special… Copy Documents as TOC. Then I pasted the TOC into the Paperback…Contents section. It correctly pastes my 10 Chapters with names.
BUT when compiling the publication output instead of Chapter Names that it has in Contents it just writes “Chapter 1…Chapter 2…” with no names?

Any help will be appreciated.