Two keyboard features

Hi Keith,

This is what you get for having a wish list. :wink:

Anyhow, two keyboard related requests:

  1. Using the “Enter” key (the one on the bottom of the keybaord next to the cmd-key) to RENAME a file or folder, like is done in the finder and most other software. Pressing return (the main return key of the keyboard) already functions to make a new text file; why have to keys do the same thing, especially as I can’t find a key to rename without removing my fingers off the keyboard and double clicking with the mouse?

  2. Using the arrow keys, left and right, to collapse/expand (respectively) the entire sub-folder that the text file or folder is in. This has been hard-programmed into my neurons by DEVONthink, and it is a much faster way of navigating through long lists of files and folders. So, for example, if i’ve got a folder structure like this: BOOK > Chapter 1 > Section 3, and in this section are 10 text files: wherever I am within Section 3’s files, if I pressed the left arrow key, it would collapse the folder. If I did it again, all the “Section” folders would collapse to Chapter 1. As it currently stands, I have to manually move up to the folder. (Yes, I know I can jump to the folder using ctrl-up arrow, but this IS a wish-list of big and small improvements). It’s just much faster once you’ve tried it, that’s all.

The keys Scrivener uses are the standard ones built into the OS X framework. Yes, I know Finder adds some, but this isn’t hard coded into the views available in the Apple frameworks (yet)… That said, you can hit the Esc key to start editing the title of a document in the binder. Overriding the left and right keys to collapse and expand in the manner you want would mean getting my hands dirty with low-level stuff in Apple’s code, which usually ends up breaking something, though, I’m afraid. :slight_smile:


Keith & Maria:

Thanks! Didn’t know about escape, and now – following what Maria mentioned of changing the preferences – my Return/Enter keys rename, as I am accustomed, instead of making a new file (which cmd-N is for). Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

Just noticed today that the New Folder command works

on the green + button (top)
on the two folder + buttons (bottom), and
on the Documents: New Folder menu command…

but not on the keyboard shortcut for that command, which I’m reading as Option-Command-N.

What am I doing wrong?

Works fine for me. Do you have this particular shortcut set to something else in System Preferences?


I’ve looked and the only variation I have is assigning F7 for “Look up in Dictionary.” However, it no longer works, so I wonder if my Keyboard preferences are corrupted? How do I clear that?