Two limitations : full screen colors and scrivening mode


I have two limitation on debian wheezy xfce:

  • when I set background and text colors for full screen mode it does not change the colors.

  • In scrivening mode I can not select text from one doc to the other (after the dotted line). Eg if I select all : the text of only one document is select. (so I can not change the font of all documents in one time)

Do you have the same “bugs”/limitations ?

Only one I can think of is it lacks the ability to sync. Can’t even find the Sync command under the File menu. H’mmm.

As for the syncing I can’t find that in the windows version either. It’s a pain because it was one of the main features I purchased Scrivener for.

You might like to look at for some idea of how much LAP and Tiho still have to do to catch up with the Mac version. The Linux version is ported from the Windows version, so this applies.

(1) On selecting across documents viewed in Scrivenings:

(2) Sync’ing has not yet been implemented on Windows.

(3) I don’t know about the colours in full screen.


• Scrivener for Mac had been under development for about 5 years before work began on the Windows version — in fact, some of the modifications under Mac version 2 were prompted by wanting to make it possible to edit the same project on both (therefore all three) platforms.
• The Windows and Linux versions are completely separate developments from the Mac version, and not a port as they don’t share a common programming base.

Mr X

I think it should be added that in one of the official forum posts they say that the Linux version is just a recompile of the Windows coding. Just for clarity’s sake.

Fine. As you see, I’m a long term Mac user, so I wasn’t sure whether LAP had to make any tweaks in the coding to compile to Linux. What I was trying to get across is that anything that is true for the Windows version is going to be true for the Linux version. I guess my wording in that sentence could be seen to be ambiguous.


Mr X

I found it a little ambiguous, but seeing as I knew more about it than some people might I figured it out easily enough. I just felt the addition was needed for people a bit less obsessed with the project than I. After all clarity is the key to good communication.

The full-screen colour thing might be related to your Linux desktop and/or hardware. The colours work for me, but I can’t get the transparency on the background to work properly under Mint MATE – it works fine on Cinammon, but all of my Linux systems are a bit underpowered in the graphics department and don’t get on well with Cinammon.

Both work for me, too. (Including transparency.)

Do you have desktop effects turned on in your desktop manager?

Ha. The only ‘desktop effect’ I could find for MATE was ‘use compositing.’ So I turned that on, and lo and behold transparency is now working, at least on my Mint 17 VM installation. Thanks! That’s been bugging me for the last couple of years.

Awesome! Yeah, that happened to me once, too–I turned off effects because I had a video card that was slowly dying, and I wanted to make it limp along until payday. I thought it was the old card causing issues until I remembered I’d turned it off and transparency in Scrivener quit working. :slight_smile:

I think MATE must have it turned off by default, as this issue has followed me through several clean installs on different systems.