Two Macs, Dropbox, back-up

I have two iMacs. I keep my projects in Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener so I can open a project using either Mac - I hasten to add not open at the same time - and S saves automatically.

My question relates to back-ups. Currently, I have a back-up folder (in the documents folder) on each Mac which means that should I need to restore from back-up then I’d have to look in both folders to check the most recent back-up. The only reason for having back-up folders on each Mac is to be on the safe side of not being wholly reliant on Dropbox.

Would it be better do you think to have a single back-up folder on Dropbox so that either Mac could access it regardless? That would mean accepting being wholly reliant on Dropbox.

Why not have zip:ed backups in a folder in your iCloud Drive folder? I have mine in a Mega folder, which is an encrypted cloud service.

I keep my backups, zipped and dated, in a folder on iCloud. Zipped projects are safe on iCloud; I have 50GB of space which costs me £0.79 per month, and I’m only using about 10% of it currently.

I too have active projects on Dropbox, but wouldn’t keep the backups on Dropbox in case anything went wrong there, in which case I’d lose both the active projects and the backups. I also make a bootable backup of my hard drive every week, which gives me another layer of security.


For me the extra layer of security is my Time Machine, well the three of them. My two Macs at home each uses its own external Time capsule and so does the iMac at work, so things shouldn’t disappear. Not from all three Mac:s and the three different Time Machine external drives, and the different cloud services.

Interesting thank you.
I don’t use iCloud but I do use Time Machine for each Mac, also have separate external hard drives for both Macs…

Would I be right in thinking that Dropbox folder is also an ordinary folder on my Mac? If so then surely if anything were to go wrong with D then I could still open anything in the folder on my Mac.

Yes, unless your Mac synced with the Dropbox server before you realized there was a problem and this corrupted what you have in your D folder on your Mac. I wouldn’t have everything in the same cloud service.

What lunk said.

I would not use Dropbox as my only backup. It’s designed to make it easy to share work between systems, which also means that damage done to a project on one system can very quickly overwrite all the others. In a true backup system, both the “restore” and “delete” operations require deliberate action on the user’s part, ideally with password authentication.

In addition to Scrivener’s automatic backups, I have a Time Machine volume and use CrashPlan for offsite backups.