Two Minor Points Concerning Closing

These are pretty minor, but you might consider them.

  1. When I close, all the text in my current document disappears. Nothing else happens for 15 seconds. Once, when this happened I thought I’d clicked the wrong thing and had deleted my work. After that, I knew it was OK. If you can find a way to not clear the screen it might be good.

  2. When I close, S backs up. However, the backup dialog doesn’t appear until the backup is almost over. It appears for only a split second.

If you realize you need an older version, and you don’t want it to scroll off the list of saved backups, the Abort button is your friend (“Oh no, I need to abort this or I’m going to lose the backup I need.”). I agree this is super unlikely, but if you could get that dialog up sooner, it might save someone’s butt.


The first point has been addressed already in the current beta. It is just the document closing in the display, but as you note it could cause some panic, so we’ve ensured for the next release the current loaded text won’t disappear from the screen.

As for the second, the progress dialog only appears if the backup takes a while to occur; smaller projects will backup faster and don’t need the dialog. “Abort” is really there for the case where a backup takes a long time and you don’t want to hang around to wait. If you are closing a project and don’t want it to create a backup, you can choose File > Back Up > Exclude from Backups before closing to prevent the automatic backup occurring for that project.

If you know you’re going to want to restore from a backup, you can also go quickly to the backup folder while the project is still open via the button in the Backups tab of Tools > Options, so you could copy out the backups you want before closing the project, too. In some cases you might want to open a backup side by side with the current version if you just want to copy over a specific document from the older backup, or if you want to copy some newer text from the current version before replacing it with the backup.

You have good points, but what you say here is not true for me. I just timed it. When I close S, an hourglass appears for 17 seconds, then the backup dialog appears, with the progress bar at 97%. The dialog is only present for one second.

I’m still evaluating, but I’m sure I will purchase Scrivener. Once I purchase, can I download the beta version?

Actually you can go ahead and try the beta now if you like. They are published so they expire after a set amount of time, rather than going through the usual trial count-down.


Thanks, I haven’t been able to find the beta download site. Can you tell me where it is?


We conduct beta testing through the forums. You’ll find notices posted throughout the Windows board area, but here is the main one, and of course the beta testing board itself is where we collect and respond to bug reports.

P.S. I believe I was incorrect in my earlier statement. In the past betas have just been based on expiration dates, but we are phasing that out so that the registration aspects of the software can also tested. So it would be considered part of your trial. However I would consider it valuable peek into where the software is going. There may be something you feel is missing now, that is addressed in the upcoming version. Your call though, it is beta and there will be bugs.