Two minor UI suggestions

First of all, thank you for sharing this program, it is absolutely wonderful. I do have, however, two minor suggestions when it comes to the UI.

The first one is that I would love to have the option of setting different background colors for active and inactive documents (this would be useful both when using a split view and when using the inspector). I know paying a little more attention would go a long way toward alleviating any problems due to the absence of such feature but I still think it might be useful.

The second one has to do with the fact that it is now possible to tint icons in the binder. I think it would be great if the program could recognize when this option is turned on and automatically eliminate the label column (a column rendered redundant by the tinted icons) from search results, thus enabling us to see a little more of the item’s name.

As I said, two minor suggestions but I thought I might as well mention it.

Thanks again for all you hard work,


As for active documents, the active document has its title underlined in the header view, so you can distinguish it that way.

As for labels, you can widen the column size of the title column in the search table. As of 1.02, column sizes will be remembered, and you can rearrange the columns so that Status is the second column if you want.


Thanks for the quick reply. I know the title appears underlined in the split view but for instance if the emphasis is on the notes in the inspector or on the synopsis the title remains underlined in the header, this is the kind of situation I was thinking about, though I still think that even when using a split view an easier way to remind us that the emphasis may not be where we expect it to be could come in handy and a different background color could act as a big neon sign in that regard (but then again paying a little more attention would also take care of the problem).

I’m glad to hear that starting with version 1.0.2 it will be possible to rearrange the columns and to have those setting remembered. My comment had to do mostly with the fact that as things are currently implemented we have a tinted icon and a label with the exact same information in an area where screen estate is critical and I just thought that eliminating that redundancy could come in handy to alleviate the problem by eliminating the label column.