two more for smooth

  1. When pasting from Scrivener to MS products, there is no spacing between paragraphs, even though there is in Scrivener. For the time being, it’s possible to paste or immediately correct to Paste Text Only, but Scrivener should be passing appropriate formatting on its formatted clipboard version to make this come out right regardless. I don’t use Word much, but I do use OneNote a lot, and the problem occurs on both. Not on Adobe InDesign, as it forces its own formats. All on Win7 for these cases.

  2. When opening Scrivener, and in other cases for the main interface, you could make things work a bit more smoothly, centered on managing the selection/insertion point for this comment.

For example, on opening, the latest item in the folder list is selected. Good that it is, but the insertion point in the text itself should be the real selection. Preferably where it was before, or alternately at the end of text, because you might want to start writing. That could even be a preference item, which it is.

What is sure is that selection doesn’t want to be on the left-hand column list itself. You can’t type, and if you do something like Cntl-a select, you actually select all the list elements, and auto-switch the view to index cards. That’s just right for selecting multiple elements, but not what you expect when you go in ready to write. Checked though and it’s great the way it shifts back and forth from cards and text for multiple or single selects. In all these cases, would think text selection in text auto is the answer whenever single item has been selected.

I would also jump into the text area when you hit return and close editing or first insertion in the name of the item - same discussion, and maybe this will work out conveniently in the coding too, all the same function managing just where for the selection point.

Well, this is just a great program, for things I do. Each time I think that.