Two newbie questions....

1 - When I drag and drop plain text files into scrivener to import them the behavior is somewhat unexpected. The font is NOT the default font and size that I set up for the document specific default font in scrivener. It appears to be the “preferences” default font. That may be the planned behavior but it does not seem to make sense if there is a document specific default set up that is contrary to that font. Can anyone confirm or deny that this is the way it is supposed to work? If it is, wouldn’t it be better to use the document default font?

2 - For some reason on the cork board view the status “stamps” that I seen in all of the screenshots and tutorials is not being displayed in my case. I have looked but cannot seem to see an option to turn this on or off. Any hints on how to get that to display?



I can help you out right now with the second question. The place where you can set up how the Corkboard looks is in the [b]View/Corkboard/[/b] sub-menu. You should find the command to toggle on the appearance of stamps, there. This is something you can set per project, as you might want stamps some of the time, but not all of the time. Once you set any of these things either way, the project will remember that setting in the future.

For the first question, I’m not quite sure what you mean by the “document specific default font”. Could you explain which menu command, or interface button you are clicking on that you are describing this way? With the exception of a somewhat fringe feature, where you can set one project to use another default format instead of the application preference, there is nothing else that sets up default formatting. Well, scriptwriting features aside.

There is an option in the Import/Export preferences that lets you set a different font for imported plain text files, but that option is off by default - by default it will import using the font and formatting set in Preferences > Formatting > Main Text Style. Like Ioa, I’m not sure what you mean by a “document specific” font. In Scrivener, you have the project, and you have documents. You can’t set the document font for a document that doesn’t exist, of course - so importing a plain text document will assign it whatever font is set up via the preferences, as there is nowhere else for it to get the font from (it wouldn’t make sense for it to take the font from another document in the project, as all documents could have different fonts).

So, you just need to set the font the “Formatting” pane of preferences that you want to use for imported plain text documents and for new blank documents you create within the project. If you want a particular project to use different formatting, use the “Text Preferences…” settings under the Project menu.

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Thanks, I knew I was missing one spot but couldn’t remember where it was.

I thought of another thing that might fit: document templates, with the little blue ‘t’ in the corner? You might have been expecting those to define how new documents are formatted, but the formatting in these templates are not used for anything except the creation of new documents specifically through the Project/New from Template/ menu.