two page layout

Hello, I started trying Scrivener yesterday and it has some nice features… the full screen mode, the retro block cursor, the interesting interface. I like these things. But seeing a skinny page on a wide-screen (which are common on laptops nowadays) makes me wonder… how do I get into “two page” mode? Just like when reading a book, sometimes it’s nice to see the two pages I’m writing at the same time. :slight_smile: Let’s use the whole screen!

Also if you can make the navigation around the program a little easier for new users, that would prevent losing information deep in the different areas. I can’t be more specific than that right now.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’m not sure what you mean about navigation around the program - Scrivener has a lot of navigation features and I think it’s fairly straightforward; no one has ever said it is difficult to navigate. (The one place I would agree that it is difficult to navigate is in the menus - they are way too complicated and have been simplified for the next update.)

As for a two page mode - the next update adds this for the main editor as part of a page layout view, but not for full screen. I’m not really sure how it would work in full screen given that it is a continuous column of text. If you take a look on the free stuff section of the web page, you will find a free test program I wrote called “MyColumn”. It was a test I did to see how it might work if you could edit text in columns - which is, I think, what you are asking for. (i.e. Two columns appear on screen, when you get to the end of the second it scrolls across to reveal another column etc.) I based it on Amar Sagoo’s theory that reading text is easier when it’s in columns. However, I found that editing text in columns was pretty horrible - the eye has to jump around unnaturally. Try it out for yourself, but I just don’t think it would be a nice feature.

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