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I’m currently trying out Scrivener, and while browsing the forums I came across a test download for two page spread while writing. (At least I tihink it was for two page layout. The folder I downloaded just says page layout test.)I was just wondering how I can try it out. Do I copy the files somewhere, or try and install it from inside Scrivener? Does it even work? Sorry for all the questions but I really think Scrivener is the program for me, but two page spread would really clinch it.

That was just a test app to see if it worked. The next update of Scrivener features this in the main editor, as part of its new page layout view (note that this is only available in the main wndow, though - there will be no page layout mode in full screen). The next update won’t be out until August/September at the earliest, though, I’m afraid, with public betas sometime before that, so there’s no way of testing this inside Scrivener at the moment.
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No worries. Great to hear it’s in teh future version though.

On a related note, (alhtough this probably falls under page layout as well), is there a way to use columns in the page?

No columns in the current version, and I doubt they will appear in the next version either.

On the website there is a link to some other stuff Keith has developed, and one of them was a prototype for columns. Apparently, they are good for reading, but very unstable when you are writing (i.e. the text/cursor jumps around all over the place and it becomes too distracting to write directly into).

So I guess if you want columns, you will have to apply formatting at the end in a word processor (which shouldn’t be too difficult to do as a one-click change applied to a whole document).


It was really just a workaround, but I realised I wouldn’t be able to do that either. I was thinking of chaning page orientation to Landscape and then haveing two columns to simulate two page spread. Not a train smash though. It took me long enough to find a program like Scrivener, so I’ll just use it as is and wait for page layout mode. :slight_smile:

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:question: Two page spread :question: :question: :question:

Apart from the more flamboyant in the geek/nerd category’s natural and totally defensible inclination to turn on a show from time to time that leaves the less endowed gasping in amazement, I don’t understand your thinking in adding two page spread capability to Scrivener.

Do writers really need it?

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It’s not a massive feature. The next update adds a page layout view - mainly for scriptwriters who need to see where the page breaks fall (a pager per minute etc), but also for those who just like the look of a page. (If you aren’t using it for WYSIWYG purposes - and, after all, Scrivener is not WYSIWYG, which is why I have avoided adding page layout view at all for so long - you can set the pages to an arbitrary size, for instance to emulate the size of a paperback.) A side effect of this is that you can set the page layout view to use “Two Up” display if you want, just like the PDF display. Actually, I quite like it - it’s like a double-page spread of a paperback.
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I love two page spread. I have a widescreen monitor and the more text I can get on screen the better. I emulate the pages of a book when I’m writing, so I know i"m writing about 300 pages for a 90k book. So when I used word, I used page layout plus two pages on the screen at the same time so I can see what I’ve already done.