Two pages on screen

I’ve pressed 2 keys on my keyboard together by mistake and I now have 2 pages in front of me.
(Don’t know what keys I pressed in error.)
The page on the right updates when I write on the one on the left.
How do I go back to having one page?
I’m on chapter 24 and just want to go back to one page on screen at a time!
Would be grateful for help!

Try cmd ’

or: View -> Editor Layout -> No Split

Does that help?

… or click the little icon at the top right of the window you want to keep, the.icon looking like a window

If haven’t done it, do the interactive tutorial found under Help.

That’s it!
Thanks Jo!
Now back to writing chapter 24…
Thanks again, very much appreciated.

And now that you have accidentally learned how to split the editor pane, you will be amazed at how useful it is! You can have the different sides of the split looking at different documents (or have them looking at different parts of the same doc). Super handy.