Two problems in release and

I found two problems on the versions and

  1. when I press a key, before something changes on the document, I need to wait 1 or 2 seconds. Than I se the letter (or the command) applied to the document

  2. the orthographic corrector is underlining wrongly the words on the document

I also sent some mails over the last days. Can you help me?


Could you provide some additional details for these issues? The first may be resolved by adjusting the auto-save interval in the General tab of Tools > Options; try changing that from 2 seconds to 8 or 10 to see if there is any difference. If there is none, could you give a little more information on your project that’s producing this problem? For a start, do you see this even in a new blank project? Where is the project saved and where is Scrivener installed? Please also open System Information from the control panel and let us know your hardware and operating system specifications.

Regarding the spell checking, could you provide a specific example of text that is being incorrectly marked and the dictionary in use? (The dictionary is set in the Corrections tab of Tools > Options.) Scrivener uses the Aspell dictionaries, and it may just be a problem with the word list from that, so additional information for seeing this would help.