Two projects open at once, can't find second?

My main project is essentially always open on my Mac and never closed, I came across a very nice Outlining template by an author and opened it up and was pleased to see that I could have both projects open at the same time so I could transfer the appropriate content to the outline project template.

One day, and I can’t remember the specific events that may have caused this, the second project was gone. I figured it would have auto saved as my main project does but I can’t seem to locate it. I searched in the “All My Files,” section and found the various templates but none of them seem to have saved any of the content I had input to the original outline template.

Is there a more specific place I should check to see where this project may have gone?

Where did the new template come from, and how did you open it? Was it a Mail attachment for example?

The File/Find All Projects in Spotlight command might help. If you can’t use that (Apple doesn’t allow App Store software to open Spotlight windows for some reason), you can just search for “kind:Scrivener Project” in Spotlight yourself.

Otherwise if you weren’t noticing where you saved the project the first time around, it might just be in the default location for saving new projects: the Documents folder.

“All my files” is kind of iffy in my experience.

Just to add my ½’porth. I think it’s a really bad idea to allow a project to remain open for very long periods as that prevents it from creating automatic back-ups. If you regularly click “Back up now”, you will have them, but I prefer the “Back up on close” approach.

Also, if you leave your Mac running for long periods without shutting down, it will be building up a quantity of code snippet dross, which can eventually slow it down. They are cleared out when you shut down.


I have a tendency to leave projects open for a while, so what I do is tick the Backup with each manual save option in the Backup pane. Then Cmd-S becomes my “okay, I’ve done enough work that I really don’t want to lose it” button. For various reasons I don’t use the option to backup on close—alpha/beta testing problems basically, never mind opening dozens of throwaway projects every day to diagnose tech support issues and questions—so for me that option to backup whenever I want with a simple and already ingrained keystroke is what keeps me safe.

You’re hardly a generator of normal use cases, though. :smiling_imp:

I prefer to think of it in terms of generating dozens of normal use cases every day, and then throwing them away! :mrgreen:

This is the template I used from K.M. Weiland’s website: helpingwritersbecomeauthors. … ur-novel/# which I just downloaded, opened, and started filling in the template with my novel.

I’ll try and search through Spotlight and see if I can find it through there, thanks.

I’ve experienced that very noticeable slow down effect as I used to just keep my mac running if I wasn’t using it, I’ll start saving with the Back up on close now, thanks.

I also keep my project open at all times so perhaps Backup with each manual save might be better for me? That button would give me peace of mind I think compared to the auto save that I think is standard with scrivener iirc? Thanks for the suggestion.

Just a random thought - did you open the downloaded template directly in your Downloads folder? If so, could that be where your project is?

Yup, you can use that option in conjunction with the backups that are created on close (by default), too. I happen not to, but as pointed out above, I’m weird. :slight_smile: Oh, and if you have a trigger-itchy finger when it comes to Cmd-S, you might want to bump up how many backups are saved as well. I can go through two or three in a solid day of working in a project—five wouldn’t protect me from mistakes beyond a few days.