Two questions about using Scrivener

Hey everybody,

I’ve been using Scrivener for a few years now and never had any issues or problems in using it. However I’ve now reached that point :wink: I have two questions that are completely separate from each other so I’m gonna try to address them as separately as possible.

  1. Is it possible to synchronise external resources with a folder? As in…I have a folder on my Dropbox where I have documents in (.md and .txt files). Those are character outlines, storyboards, ideas and anything that would really be interesting for the project. Now…I know that I can just drag that folder into the binder in Scrivener and it’ll show me those files. But I assume it copies the files into the Scrivener project. Because changes I make in those files (or if I delete one) won’t be carried over to the dropbox folder (or vice versa).
    Is that even possible in Scrivener? I hope it is. I know I could sync the entire project with an external folder, I just saw the tutorial on that. But it’s really just tiny files (lots of them).


  1. Can I import different dictionaries? My native language is German and for a long time I haven’t used the dictionary/ thesaurus function in Scrivener. I just recently wrote some stuff in English and noticed how handy it was. But…for some reason dictionaries and thesaurus aren’t available for German words :frowning: Is that something that’s bound by system settings? Because I DO get German spelling and grammar corrections. Is there something I’ll have to download to make that available? Or is just not possible for non-english languages? :frowning:

Well…I hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance!


  1. Try using File->Import->Research Files as Aliases. This will only create a shortcut to your files in Scrivener, rather than making copies of them. Note that if you move your files around, Scrivener may lose track of them.

  2. I believe the settings you are looking for are in the built-in Dictionary/Thesaurus’s Preferences. … dictionary

Another comment on question one: you can tame the folder sync feature a bit with the “Sync only documents in collection:” option. This can be any type of collection: one you manage yourself by hand, or one that is the product of a search result. It doesn’t have to be the entire draft (or even project).

If by external resource you do mean PDF, image and audio/visual formats, then importing them as aliases as Robert suggests, is the best route.