Two questions: Back matter and chapter headings

In compiling for the Kindle, I’m running into a couple of problems. One is trying to get the thank you page I’ve created to the back of the book. It’s the last thing in the ebook folder so it appears right after the dedication, but when I take it out and put it after the last chapter, it doesn’t appear at all. How do you tell it where to go?

Also, under formatting, I’ve changed the chapter titles to the desired font and size, but they’re not coming out like that, whether I have the override box checked or not.

I’d much appreciate any pointers you have for me. :slight_smile:

Any back matter can just go at the bottom of the Draft folder. You might want to visit the Title Adjustments section of the compile pane (All Options tab). You can disable any chapter labelling for back matter material using the tool in the top half of that pane.

Also, verify in the Formatting pane that you have titles turned on for text files at level 1(+). Otherwise it will just get appended to the last chapter. You will also want to make sure the back matter sections each have their “Page Break Before” flag enabled in the Inspector.

Could you describe what you mean by that? Could just be the fact that e-books can very well do whatever they please with your formatting, and almost none of them will ever have the font you want to use.

Okay, got this part working now, thanks!

I do have titles turned on, but I don’t quite understand - what will get appended to the last chapter if I don’t have them turned on? And I don’t see anything that says “Page Break Before” in the Inspector.

Well, I had the chapter numbers larger and in a scripty font but they’re coming out the same size and font as the rest of the text, without even a line break between them and the first paragraph. Does that mean I’m stuck with it like that?

Sorry to be such a dummy, but this is really confusing me. :slight_smile:

I just mean, in general, that is how Scrivener works. It combines text together, and in its default state that means five adjacent text items in the Binder will end up looking like one long section of text unless you do something in the Formatting treatment or insert Separators between them.

So you’ve got something like this:

But you end up with a run-in header that is indistinguishable from the paragraph text? Well, for the run-in part, click on Title Settings, Title Appearance tab, and make sure “Insert title as run-in head” is disabled. As for the rest, which e-book hardware or software are you testing in? Most support font size changing and such, but like I say, for fonts unless the hardware has the font installed you won’t see anything like what you chose. Many don’t even let you pick fonts at all.

I’m sorry I never checked back here to thank you for the help. Got it figured out, thanks to your explanations. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!