Two questions before I try Scrivener

I understand that the Windows version does not have the same features as the Mac version, which I saw and was intrigued by. If I try the trial version, and don’t like it, can I try a full trial version in the future again after version updates have been made?

If I want to try it, but also want to skip the tutorial, will the tutorial option still be available to use in the future?

You can restart the tutorial at any time. In fact you can start it and then set it aside for a year because our tutorial is actually a real live project, just like you would use to write a book. The demo on the other hand you should use with the knowledge that you cannot reset it in the future. From time to time we do special events, like NaNoWriMo which use a different demo mechanism (it will expire in early December no matter what), and those will not eat into the standard demo. So worst case you could always do that.

Now, I’m biased of course, but I would say definitely give it a shot. It doesn’t matter what the Mac does or doesn’t have, we wouldn’t have released the Windows version if it was missing core features. There countless many authors using the Windows version to get real work done every day.

Nevermind, Found it!

Are you offering a NaNo demo version this year, then?

Yup! You’ll find the details on our NaNo page.