Two questions from a beginner.

Hi all,
First of all, I’m sorry if this post shouldn’t be in the “Technical Support” topic.
I just paid for a Scrivener license yesterday. I know that the team is working on the update 3.0 for Windows and I have no problem waiting as much time as they need to provide a good quality product.
I have installed both the 1.9 version and the Beta 17 version, and I’m in the process of learning how to use Scrivener as I want to write my first draft of a book using this instead of Microsoft Word.
Here are my two questions;

1- What tutorial should I use to learn how to use Scrivener; the one in the 1.9 version or the one in the Beta 17 version?
2- What version should I use? I want to use the Beta version because it looks better (more modern), but as it is not a final version, I fear my work would disappear or not be able to open in a new beta version or the final release.

That’d be it. Thanks in advance for reading!


My suggestion is now is the wrong time to begin exploring the beta, especially if you’re not familiar with Scrivener 1. Beta 17 has a June 20 expiration–really not enough time to get familiar with it before it stops working.

I suggest working through the 1.9 tutorial for now. Even set up your project in it–you can always import it later into Scriv 3. Most of what you pick up in the 1.9 tutorial is also applicable to the beta. One or two features have been dropped for something better, and one or two have been renamed, but most are the same (except significantly enhanced).

Then, when you’re a little more familiar and a beta version is newly released, jump in if you feel like it. But pay attention to the beta forum between now and then, read especially the comments by those who are using the beta for actual work, and have a backup plan.


In all 16 cases after the release of Beta 1, they’ve managed to release a new beta before the previous one expired. There’s no reason to believe that Beta 18 will break that pattern, and even if it will, they can always release a new Beta 17 with an extended expiration date.

If you go this route, which isn’t a bad idea since it’s stable and feature-complete, do keep in mind that learning the compile system may be confusing, as the S3 compile interface has changed substantially. If you’ll need to get your work out of Scrivener in the next few months… then you’ll have to learn S1’s compile system, otherwise, it’s best to just ignore Compile in v1 and learn it fresh with version 3 when it’s ready.