Two questions (iOS and ToC)

Hi, I have two burning questions I need answered; hopefully someone here can help! :smiley:

(1) I’m currently using the beta version of Scrivener 3.1.1. I want to know this: If I save my Project and then import it into Scrivener for iOS, since Scrivener for iOS doesn’t support different fonts, will I lose all my fonts and special formatting when I load it back into Scrivener on my Mac? Will it just all come back in Helvetica Nue?

(2) When I publish an ePub from Scrivener, the auto-generated ToC seems messed up. I open the ePub in Apple Books (ne iBooks), and when I click on the ToC button in Books, all I get is "Section 1, Section 2, Section 3…’ all the way down, instead of seeing, as I should see, for instance, “Chapter One: Who Knows What Evil…” etc. Anyone who can help, please step forward! :smiley:

I can address your fonts question. It’s possible to make all the fonts you use available to iOS Scrivener. I use a lot of weird fonts, and never lose font information. First, for three Scrivener-only solutions, read this article in the Scrivener knowledge Base:

If you’d prefer to have the fonts available for other iOS apps as well, the Anyfont app will install fonts on iOS. I have it. It’s easy to use and reliable.

Thanks! I didn’t know about that feature! I’l try this out immediately!