Two Questions On Compiling

The Appearances section of Compile shows five Scrivener formats: Manuscript(Courier), Manuscript (Times), Modern, Palatino Book, and Script. If I duplicate Manuscript (Times) , go into Edit, and follow this instruction, ie remove the hash marks:

If your project consists of only chapters, with each chapter represented by a folder containing text files for its scenes, remove the “#” from the next two lines.

#Folder Titles:
#Level 1: “Chapter <$t>\n<$title>”

When I then compile, everything then works out great … I get Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc at the beginning of each of my chapters. My question is: when I try this with Manuscript (Courier) ie duplicate it and then edit it the same way as above by removing the hash marks, when I then Compile I do not get Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc at the beginning of my chapters. Why is this?

Also, if I want my second chapter, let’s say, to begin on a new page … not just a few lines down on the same page from where Chapter One ended … I have to edit the following so that - Line Break After Folders is changed to - Page Break After Folders

Document Separator: ‘#’
Document Breaks:

  • Page Break Before Folders
  • Page Break Between Folders
  • Line Break After Folders

Why doesn’t the - Page Break Between Folders line do that for me?