Two Questions on Formatting in Scrivener 3

First, I’ve searched, but it’s very possible I’ve missed something simple. I’m working on a multi-chapter document with a lot of quotes brought in from other sources. The problem is, sometimes I’ll be caught up in writing and not think to “Paste and Match Style.”

So I end up with a document that has several different fonts spread over several chapters.

In Scrivener 2, I could set the default font for the document when I was compiling it, so I didn’t worry about a mishmash of fonts on different pages. But I can’t find that option now, or even an easy way to change the font for the entire document without going from page to page to make changes.

Second, in order to not have this issue again, is it possible to set “Paste and Match Style” as the default setting?

Scrivener 3 has all the same options for default formatting that Scrivener 2 did, they’ve just moved in some cases.

Project -> Project Settings -> Formatting sets the project-wide default formatting.

Documents -> Convert -> Text to Default Formatting does what the name implies.

Those are in the editor. The Compile command has the same capabilities, too, but has changed significantly. See our upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users for guidance on making the new Compile command do what you want: … date-guide

You can change keyboard shortcuts in the Apple -> System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts pane.


When you set the default font, are versions of that font converted? By versions I mean Bold, Italic, etc., so that I don’t have to hunt Italics down and change them manually?

They should be, but I’d try it in a test project before blasting my entire manuscript.


Since I almost always want Paste and Match Style in Scriv, I used Apple > System Prefs > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts to assign cmd-V to Paste and Match style and assigned the regular Paste command to a different shortcut.

I have done the same, and just swapped the shortcuts so as not to cause any other changes.

Thank you for giving the exact location. That’s exactly what I’m going to do, I’m trying to think of a time when I don’t want to use P&MS, and I really can’t think of one.

Editing to add: I still couldn’t find Paste listed in the keyboard shortcuts…I went through the entire list looking. Apparently, it’s hard-coded in, so in order to change it, you have to follow the path above, then select App Shortcuts, Click the + sign that only shows as an option in App Shortcuts, and then you can choose which app you want the shortcut to apply to (default is All), type in a name for your new shortcut, and the keystrokes (Ctrl-V).

Paste is not listed, so what you do is you assign a shortcut to the Menu command. Like this:

Do note that the function “Paste and Match Style” will often omit non-text objects, like images. So if you find yourself trying to paste an image into a document after setting this shortcut, you’ll need to have assigned another shortcut to the default Paste menu option too, and will need to remember what that shortcut is… unless you just use the menu, of course.

Exactly, or there won’t be a paste at all in e.g. some web pages. That’s why I just swapped shortcuts. :slight_smile: