Two Questions

Greetings, I’m really liking Scrivener, registered it last week. I hope you folks can help me with a couple of problems.

Ebook Cover: I think I can create it with PhotoShop and save as “jpeg” but what size do I make it in PhotoShop?? Pixels/Inches??

Now this next one is a big problem for me.

I want control of my pages, where to end a page and start a new one. I create my page(s) with
MS Word and import into Scrivener, when I compile to epub parts of the following page will end up
on the bottom of the present page. Is this a “page break” thing?? I hope you folks understand what I’m trying to explain.

Many Thanks for any help

You’ll find varying opinions on size; in mine, 600 x 800 pixels is enough to make sure it looks nice on the larger devices, like the Kindle.

Well, there are multiple ways of going about this. The most basic “word processor” familiar way is Edit/Insert/Page Break (which has no direct meaning in an e-pub file, but Scrivener will look for page break characters and translate that into section breaks) but we recommend you accustom yourself to Scrivener’s automatic section breaks, in the Separators compile option pane. Here you can tell the program to break to a new section based on some structural pattern. For example, if a chapter is a folder full of smaller sectional files, then the default settings of inserting a section break before a folder following a text file (from the prior chapter) would work fine. Others, writing in shorter chapters, might use a sequence of text files rather than any large-scale organisation scheme, and so inserting section breaks between text files is enough.

Yeah, like I said it’s a little odd because the interface uses the term “page break”, as that is what it typically is, but in e-books it’s really a section break. I’m actually not sure what you are meaning here. A screenshot would help I think. Do note that if you’ve been writing this in Word and inserting page breaks into the document, those are probably in Scrivener as well, and in conjunction with the automatic section breaks, could be making a mess of things. Turn on invisible characters with Format/Options/Show Invisibles and check around the problematic area.

OK, I turn on “show invisible” and some pages Nothing shows.
On some pages I see a lot of this symbol: “”
I don’t know the significant of this. Is it causing the problems that I’ve been
Thanks Again,

A page break looks like a horizontal line across the page, in the colour of invisible characters (a light blue by default). I don’t think whatever you were pasting came through for me though. I just see two quote characters right next to each other.