Two Questions

I find Scrivener very useful, but like all things digital, also frustrating.

  1. I have tried to back up my work on a flashdrive, but only get the chapter headings.
  2. I’m writing two novels, with a third in mind. How can I work on, and save them all? Whenever I try, they seem to merge.
    Please answer as simply as possible. Before this I was using a pen. I can’t afford to indulge the impulse to throw the laptop out the window, as both are costly.
    Thank you, John
  1. When backing up to slow media like flash technology, it is best to use the “Backup as ZIP file” option. This will compact the entire project into a single file, making it smaller and less susceptible to damage.
  2. I might be missing a nuance in your question here, but you can have as many projects as you like. I have several hundred scattered all over the place (but I’m weird, and find all things digital exhilarating :slight_smile:). Just use the File menu to create a new project, and choose a new name and location to save it in.