Two Questions

Hi All:

I know that many use Firefox on a regular basis so I was wondering…

  1. Is there a command or a plug in or whatever that will make it full screen? (Looked through the forums but cant even find the question let alone the answer. Hardly seems like such a left field type of thing…)

  2. Are there any plug-in’s or add-ons that you can’t live without? Gems for Firefox that most of you utilize on a regular basis?

My thanks to you all as always.



  1. Have not tried it (I like my browser windows at 800px wide), but Fullerscreen is probably what you are looking for.

I develop on the web for a living, so some of my “must-have” extensions reflect that:* Firebug: Great for debugging and deciphering the many different facets that make up a modern web page. You can run breaks in existing JavaScript and everything.

  • NoScript: I’m a bit paranoid. This turns of JavaScript everywhere, except when I tell it that a certain site is trusted.
  • Aardvark: Another useful development tool, but also good for browsing, too. I end using it for clearing away marketing garbage so I can properly read an article. News sites tend to all have an equally annoying habit of placing the article in a narrow column surrounded by pixel miles of advertisements and irrelevant attention grabbers. With Aardvark, I can select the article, press ‘i’, and everything else is blissfully removed.
  • Adblock + Adblock Filterset.G Updater: Adblock by itself is nice, except that you have to give it a lot of rules (or download some old list from somebody else). Filterset.G queries a list that is maintained constantly, keeping up with all of the advertiser’s new tricks. Just running these two out of the box will eliminate 99% of the Vegas Effect.
  • 1Password: Not really a Firefox extension (though it ships with one for integration). Keeps all of your form log-in and password information in one central tidy location. I like it better than the built-in password minder, as it catches more forms—and can operate outside of password type forms too. You can save credit cards and such.
  • Web Developer: A toolbar with hundreds of analysis and debug tools.
  • StumbleUpon: Quite a waste of time, but a lovely one! Sends you to “random” pages based on your interest, and the collective interest of others like you. The more you play, the better it gets at finding information that suits you. As a writer, I find it to be an interesting way to get past a block. Hitting some person’s random art site, or a page on some esoteric philosophy system has more than once given me a tangent to run off on.

That’s about it. Oh, Gmail Notifier is nice, especially if you have multiple Gmail accounts to keep track of. I haven’t used it ever since Gmail got IMAP though. Now I just use


So nice of you to take the time to answer me. Actually, you have answered so many of my questions that I am forever in your dept!

As an aside, I just got back from my third lesson in programming. (In my real life, I am a recruiting consultant’/writer/speaker)

See … F927F6.asp

I am learning Java and am doing it in the development environment that is contained in Leopard. (X-Code)

I am so excited. i did a program called “HelloWorld” lat week and did more this week in terms of adding and subtracing numbers. I have not had this much fun in years!

Thanks again


I too am a web developer and use most of the Firefox plugins that Amber listed, with the addition of a little plugin called (I think) ScreenCap. For sending people images of whole pages/selections etc of developed work, it’s worth it’s weight in bottle tops.

Also, Scrapbook is handy for capturing webpages (mostly text) that I want to read offline.

I don’t know what I did before Firebug and Web Developer plugins.