Two recent crashes

Hi all,

Scrivener has crashed twice on me in recent days, and I’m not sure why. I’ve attached a console log which might help, but it’s double Dutch to me. Any help would be appreciated! I submitted reports via Scriveners automatic reporting system, but maybe I should send more information? I think the crash logs are sent with those automatic messages.


Personally, I would try repairing permissions on the HD via Disk Utility, and if that didn’t resolve matters, I’d uninstall Scrivener, reboot and reinstall.

Also worth asking the team at

Thanks Briar. Will try repair permissions, and have emailed support.

Unfortunately this problem has persisted over the past three weeks, to the point where Scrivener is now crashing on me almost daily.

I have verified and repaired permissions on my HD a couple of times since, but to no avail. I have also reinstalled Scrivener as of yesterday, but just experienced another crash. Jeff in support suggested that App Nap may have been the culprit, but I have enabled the Prevent App Nap command in Scrivener, which hasn’t helped either. Generally I have Apple Mail, Safari, Devonthink Pro Office open at the same time, occasionally with MS Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro also open. It’s worth noting that Scrivener only seems to crash when a project is closed, or when I quit the application itself.

I’m running Mavericks 10.9.2, and Scrivener 2.5. I wonder has anyone else experienced problems recently, and if so, how they managed to resolve them? Scrivener has been wonderfully stable for me over the past two years, and it’s my favourite app. As you can imagine these frequent crashes have become quite frustrating and, though I have a fairly robust backup system, I do fear losing work.


What happens leading up to the crash? Is there any common trigger you can remember? E.g. switching view modes, closing a project, selecting a certain menu option?

As I mentioned in my last post (but buried at the end of the second paragraph), this almost always happens after a project is closed, or after I quit Scrivener. I regularly get Scrivener’s automated Crash Reporter window when I re-open Scrivener. For example, I quit Scrivener on Friday night, and re-opened it just now (with my MBP having been asleep since Friday night). On re-open, I was met with the Choose Template window, which is part of my preferences, and the Crash Reporter. No indication of a crash when I quit Scrivener on Friday night.

I’m at a loss, and am afraid I’ll have to quit using Scrivener. That would be a disaster. As I mentioned above, I’ve re-installed Scrivener and enabled Prevent App Nap. I’m sending crash reports via the automated service every time Scrivener crashes, so I’m hoping that something will catch Support’s eye.

No other app/programme is giving me difficulties. I don’t know if that indicates whether this is a Scrivener issue, or a wider system issue.

Ouch. Your situation sounds very very ugly - kind of a nightmare, actually. Here are a couple of things you could try, since your other efforts still leave you with a Scrivener that crashes.

  1. Try running only Scrivener. Quit all other programs when you work in Scrivener, then close projects, quit Scrivener, and go back to running your other apps. I suggest this because there might be memory problems causing the crashes.

  2. Try creating a new User account and run Scrivener from there. Only use this for Scrivener at first, and if the crashes stop, add in one at a time the other programs you usually have running, until the crashes start again. Alternately, if there is no crash when this User runs Scrivener and nothing else, cross your fingers and keep on with that User as the Writer in your lineup.

  3. This is a desperation play: since the crash happens only or mostly in closing a project or quitting Scrivener, then you could try launching Scrivener, working on a project, backing the project up, then closing - crash and all. At least your work gets saved, and when you want to work again you would work off the backup, I guess.

You might also want to try a couple other gambles: uninstalling Scrivener and reinstalling a previous version. Maybe v2.5 is at fault here, conflicting with some weirdness with the OSX version you are running. Alternatively, forget Scrivener for the time being, and watch for the next update; work from that and see if the crashes come back - or if a new version of OSX comes along, upgrade to that and try Scrivener again.

One final note: uninstalling an app does not always clear out everything associated with that app. Look in Library - Application Support for your user profile as well as the system as a whole, for a folder called Scrivener, and scrap that after you uninstall. See, the bug might be in that folder, which contains your settings and preferences for Scrivener. Reinstalling Scrivener but leaving that Library folder intact might just get your newly installed Scrivener to use those old settings; if you delete the folder in the library and then reinstall, Scrivener will create a new folder there with the default settings - maybe then it won’t crash.

I hope you can get it working again. As I say, it sounds a right nightmare.

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Asotir, thank you for the very detailed response and list of suggestions. Part of the problem is that I am not able to reliably reproduce crashes; Scrivener has not crashed on me since my last post. If I have another crash, I’ll begin working through all of your suggestions, which will certainly help me to isolate the problem.

I am essentially already operating along the lines you suggest in point no. 3: I have only one project open at a time and make sure that I save and back up before quitting Scrivener.

Your first two suggestions are eminently sensible, and as I said I’ll use them to try and isolate the problem if it persists. Unfortunately, neither will work as a long-term solution. I’m an academic, and access a lot of files that are not stored in Scrivener when writing. I make use of a lot of different apps with personalised settings, so using another User as my writing platform would be the nuclear option!

My advice re uninstalling and re-installing Scrivener was that downloading the dmg from Lit&Lat’s website and dragging to my applications folder would overwrite the previous version, but I’ll do a more thorough uninstall next time. As a last resort, I’ll do a fresh install of Mavericks.

Thanks again.

I have the same problem–scrivener crashing about every second time I close a project. Has anyone been able to resolve this issue?

I’m afraid I can’t really help you. My problem resolved itself in the end, and I haven’t had a crash in months. I uninstalled and reinstalled Scrivener twice, though it did crash again soon after both re-installations. Make sure that you have App Nap disabled, though again disabling it did not prevent crashes

Get in touch with Lit&Lat’s support, and enclose crash reports each time. Email them; don’t rely solely on the automated crash reporter, as you probably won’t get a response to that. With a bit of luck they will be able to spot what is causing the crashes.

Asotir’s advice in paragraph no. 2 above is the best way to trouble shoot the issue, as there may be another app triggering the crashes.

Unfortunately I spoke too soon, as I’ve just had another crash. I’m hoping this does not lead to several more weeks of instability, as I’m entering a very busy writing period.

Have you been able to resolve this issue macabe?

I can only add a similar experience. Crashing on closing projects. Frequently. Sometimes it appears the projects close fine, but Scrivener itself doesn’t. I never lose anything so I’m starting to just ignore it but…that’s probably not the best solution. Still using my 3+ year old Macbook Pro. 8 GB. OS X 10.6.8 Scrivener 2.6. I’ve used Scrivener w/ no problem for more than 3 years. You think it’s something in 2.6? I’ll try to be more specific in future posts. I assume others are still having the problem. Let me know if any of you have found a reliable solution.

FYI: I was complaining about the crashing issue to a friend and he suggested I run CleanMyMac. I’m usually leery of those programs that allegedly tune up your Mac but, cross your fingers, it hasn’t happened since. I wouldn’t go running out to buy it yet, but will report back in a couple of weeks if I’m still crash-free.

A little update: I still crash occasionally when shutting down. But after I do a clean StartUp and run disk Utility and “Clean my Mac” I seem to be good. One other factor seems to be when I use a second external monitor. Moving everything down to the laptop screen before disconnecting the second monitor seems to be a good idea. The other thing though is getting the message on backing up that the disk is full (it isn’t) or there’s a problem with permissions. What’s that about? How do I fix Scrivener permissions?

I wonder if this is related at all - I sometimes get the crash reporter popping up when I open Scriv telling that it had crashed last time it was used.

Only thing is: it didn’t crash, I used it fine and then shut it down when I was finished - unless the crash occurred in the last millisecond of closing the program, but there was nothing visible and no crash report generated at that time - it’s generally the next day when I turn the computer on and start Scriv back up that it tells me it’s crashed…

I wonder, could the crash reporter be a little hypersensitive or something?

I’ve experienced this, still do on occasion. I’ve reported it, and always send in the crash report, but I don’t think the cause is clear yet. The way I get around this is to close my projects and let the backups run, and only then do I quit Scrivener; I’ve disabled the ‘Reopen projects…’ setting in the General tab, which seems to help keep me out of an infinite loop of crash reports and scrivener re-launches.