Two Recommendations...and...I'm new :D

So. Just for the record: A) you want us to stop apologising for our bad manners. B) you want us to start lying, and enthuse about hitherto non evident merits of Dex-on Tele. Would that be a correct appraisal of your proposal?
As for meaningful critique of, Dex-on Paper, that can’t be done, from my perspective, at least, until a copy of, ‘Dearly Devoted Dexter’, which is, as we speak, so to speak, winging its way to the WritersRoom, arrives.

Apropos Skyfall’s timidity (how do you know Skyfall is a bloke, by the way), aboard the old Pirate ship, Scriv, there is no running away…only lurking in the shadows. Lurkers see everything that goes on aboard Scriv.

Linny, my little misguided pippin, I wasn’t inferring that I was Santa Claus. Dear me no. I am Santa Clawsimagine drops of blood dripping from Claws’s characters.

There is one member of the vic-k menagerie, however, who thinks Dex is a black saint. That’s Le D of course.

Although I have seven behaviour modification tablets, that are supposed to keep him in check, I think he’s immune to their influence. Could be placebos for all I know. Probably are, what with all the cutbacks and wot-not.

I’m sure we’ll hear from Skyfall again.

Take care Linny

Ahh, petite Linny, mon amour, mon chéri,
Such…how you say?..scepticism in one so young…hmm, young, soft, succulent. Linny, ma chéri, come sit on my knee and tell me about yourself, while I nibble your sweet neck.

I am here all the time, mon amour. If you search for, Le D mon amour’, you shall see, ma chéri,

Whenever you feel a sudden…chill, c’est moi, standing by your side. :wink:
Le D :smiling_imp:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :smiling_imp: Ahhh ha. You are…how you say…une feisty fille…oui…non? 8)

Take care ma chéri,
Le D :smiling_imp:

[size=150]Absolument brillantes! C’est bien! Bravo chéri :laughing: :laughing: [/size]

Le D :smiling_imp: