Two Research Docs causing crash[ADDRESSED]

I apologise if this bug has already been reported, I couldn’t find a similar post.

I’ve been using Scrivener consistently for a few weeks without any problems, and I currently have a project with four research documents and a draft with quite a few folders (10)/documents (upwards of fifty). Somehow, overnight (Scrivener was open and my computer was in sleep mode) two of the four research documents have become corrupted (Or something, I am no programmer). Basically when I attempt to select/delete one of the two research docs, the programme stops responding and crashes.

All four research documents were created in Scrivener and the two that cause the crash are the larger two documents in the folder, over 2000 words at least (I can’t check now, obviously).

I moved the other documents into my draft so that I could continue working with less of a chance of it crashing, and now simply clicking the research heading causes a crash.

I don’t know what else is relevant to the problem, I will provide whatever information you need.

I run beta 1.3 on a Windows 7 64 bit HPG60 laptop.

I’m sure Lee’s going to want to view those files, but in the hope of helping you unstick your Research folder I’d like to help you find a way to delete the offending files so that you can get your folder back.

The way Scrivener works is that each file in your project is saved separately in folders created by Scrivener. They are numbered instead of titled, but if we can figure out which number the correct file is assigned to you can move it out of the Research folder and replace it with something blank. There’s even a chance of restoring the corrupted file in another program and importing it back in.

Alright, so I backed up my project as it is now and will send it along to Lee (and hope he doesn’t judge me on the pure geekery of the content :blush:).

I went through the numbered files, I believe I’ve found the ones causing the issue. I opened them in word and one has been reduced to… one letter, which for a 71kb rtf seems quite odd. The other is 268kb, and it seems to be the file, but only a small portion of the beginning.

Now, I don’t want to touch them before I know what I’m doing, so if I’m not worried about recovering the documents (I can replicate them quite easily, I’m not bothered) should I try replacing the offending document with a blank file of the same name and extension? Is that what you meant or am I making that up?

That is exactly what I meant. Make a new RTF file in word that is blank, but named with the same number and extension. Then you should be able to replace them in your project folder so that the next time you open your project, you are able to click on Research with out it crashing.

Because of the project.scrivx you can not just delete it, because your project will LOOK for the files upon start up. You are essentially tricking it into thinking they are still there, but because you replaced the corrupted files, fixing your freezing problem. Once you get in, you can delete the blank files in the usual way.

Thanks for emailing the project. I have emailed you back a fixed up project file.

The issue had to do with some broken links stored in the text document - our currently broken RTF parser choked on these two files. I have simply converted the file contents to plain text and re-saved them as RTF.

Things like this should be address in the beta 1.4 release this weekend.


This, right here, is why you rock Lee. Fast response, and fixed it for them. :mrgreen: