Two Scriveners (2 licenses) on SAME Computer-How? Possible?

I have Scrivener on my Mac which I use
My granddaughters use it too
That’s not working out well!

Can I or how can I install a new Scrivener license so as to keep our Scriveners separate?


I’m not sure you need separate licenses (email support and explain your setup – 1 computer, 2 grand daughters), but in order to keep them away from your Scrivener projects and other files/Safari Bookmarks, settings, etc… you’ll want to set them up with their own user profile(s) on your mac. Even if you could install Scrivener with 2 licenses, those licenses aren’t tied to the project files themselves, and so couldn’t separate their documents from yours.

Here’s an article explaining how to set them up with their own user accounts on your computer: … cale=en_US

Once you have that set up, they might be prompted for a license (I’m not sure if the license applies to each account, or to the entire computer) when they log on.

Thanks. That info helped, but another question…
I have set up “accounts” on my Apple for the two granddaughters who also use my Scrivener. Now how do I set them up on Scrivener so as to have their own projects and backup files…so not affecting mine or each other?

Thanks again

On the Mac, each user has a completely separate Applications folder and a completely separate Documents folder. Install Scrivener for each user just as you would for yourself.


Actually, the main Applications folder is shared between users, but licences aren’t. So you install Scrivener on your main account and then in your granddaughters’ accounts, you fire up Scrivener and enter the licence details in each account to activate it, and you’re done. Your granddaughters just log into their accounts on your computer, use Scrivener and choose where they want to save their files. Their files will be stored in their account.

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