Two Scrivenings, Two Screens, Full Screen

This is a just a wish and probably won’t come to fruition as I think it might go against design philosophies, but it would be interesting to work on two or three documents in full screen mode within scrivener. I have two monitors. And I’m thinking about getting a third. I’d like to work on two scrivener documents simultaneously and I would like them both to be in full screen. If there’s already a way to do this, please let me know. Otherwise, it’s a wish for your next iteration.

Multiple monitor support (or even the ability to open multiple instances of Scrivener so that I could locate one instance on each monitor) would be a huge productivity boost for me. There are all of these single-screen features that try to let you look at multiple pieces of information on a single-screen instance… but no support (yet) for multiple monitors.

I know it does this on Windows. Can you create separate Spaces on the Mac and move a separate window into each, then put one space on each monitor?

Sorry, I don’t have a Mac with multiple monitors set up at the moment in order to test this. However, I seem to recall Apple adding flexibility to full-screen and multi-monitor support in Mountain Lion and Mavericks.

I’m on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
I’m on Scrivener

I cannot launch Scrivener multiple times. Attempting to do so just causes the system-tray task-bar icon for Scrivener to flash.

I cannot drag contents of Scrivener (sub-windows) outside of the Scrivener window, and while I can extend Scrivener across multiple monitors (dragging the height and width) it’s pretty non-functional since I want to be able to open other Scrivener documents and have them on the left or right window. (Furthermore, if you maximize, it maximizes to the maximum size of the current display… not the size of the desktop.)

However, if you know a trick that I’m missing, I’d love to learn.

You can’t load the same project into multiple Scrivener windows, but you can open multiple projects at the same time, much the same way that you can load multiple word processing files (or create multiple new files) at the same time.

Either double-click on each project’s .scrivx file, or with one project already open, go to File->Open or File->Recent Projects. You can also create a new project from a template with one or more projects open already; just go to File->New Project to choose a template and create a project from it.

The windows version doesn’t yet have the capacity to load regular rich text documents into floating windows (called quick reference windows, if I recall correctly). But if you have support materials in a format that Scrivener can’t edit (PDFs, Spread sheets, image files), you can load them in an external editor via Documents->Open->Open in External Editor or via the corresponding button in the editor’s footer area.