Two separate errors on two machines

Okay, so everything was fine until the update, then rains of fiery doom fell onto my computers from the Scrivener gods and I was sad. Some help would be epic!

First, my desktop, whenever I type on a project, Scrivener gives me a saving error after a couple seconds that looks like this:

At first I thought it was the update messing with Dropbox and no longer being compatible, so I moved both my files from my desktop and my laptop out of Dropbox, and tried using my Desktop version of Scrivener again. No dice, still that error. So then I reinstalled Scrivener on both on my machines, laptop and desktop, even though laptop wasn’t having the same issue as my desktop. That didn’t erase the error on the desktop. So then I restarted both computers. Nothing. I ran a scan of my C Drive on my laptop to fix any issues there might be there before putting both scrivener folders back in dropbox and syncing them, nothing, still get the ID error 12, saving error on my desktop.

On my laptop, it’s a completely different problem. Scrivener will only open certain projects and then the most recent projects, the ones I had open on my desktop and closed before reinstalling and lord knows what else I did to reverse the saving error, the most recent projects Scrivener on my desktop says those files are open somewhere else and they can’t open them or things might get corrupted. I know for a fact none of those projects are open anywhere else and it continued even after I uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted, and ran a C Drive scan.

I write for a living and because of these errors I haven’t been able to work for a week trying to fix both these problems. I’m about ready to pull my hair out. Please tell me there’s an answer?

The first error, on the desktop, indicates that Scrivener is unable to save the “Scene Two” document because it’s been locked to another process, so Scrivener isn’t able to write the changes there. Scrivener 1.6 added some new error checking and messages to help prevent losing any work in the event that a file couldn’t be saved for some reason, and we’ve had a few reports now where this message has come up. We’re still working on discovering what is preventing the save; security software or other software monitoring the drive is a likely possibility.

Please see my replies here (you can skip to the “As for what to do now”) and here (same thread) for some steps to help us diagnose this and to alleviate the problems on your machine. (In the initial step of the second post, you’ll want to of course use the file path given in your error message rather than the one indicated there.)

Despite the message that the file is not saving, in most cases this is a temporary state, and a manual save shortly after the error message will successfully save the file, so changes aren’t lost. Adjusting the auto-save interval as suggested in the linked post seems to help reduce the frequency of the messages since Scrivener is less often trying to write the file, and thus less frequently running into a case where another process is simultaneously locking the file. Nevertheless, I do strongly recommend copying and pasting your text in the indicated file to another program before closing it in the editor, just to be safe.

Regarding the second issue, on the laptop, where are the files saved that you are accessing, or how were they transferred from the other machine? You mentioned Dropbox and moving the files out of there; it seems likely that not everything updated correctly on the laptop, so the file indicating the project is open is still present in the projects on that machine. As long as you know the project is definitely not open elsewhere, you can go ahead and click through the message to open the project. That should reset the lock file, but if you’re persistently getting this error, there may be a problem with how it is syncing (or failing to sync) and it may need to get deleted manually from the project. I’ve only ever seen that happen in a case where the project was living in a Dropbox folder, and then I only saw it once or twice. I know there’ve been some recent reports of Dropbox not syncing well between machines (a general Dropbox thing, not Scrivener-specific) so if it looks like you’re not getting all your files updated, you might want to try clearing the cache.