Two sets of Copy/Paste Style with different function?


I’m a bit perplexed by the Copy Style and Paste Style commands, or rather the fact that there are two different sets of them.

There is one set of Copy Style and Paste Style commands that you can add to the toolbar. They apparently affect the Ruler settings, not the font settings.

Then, in the Text:Font menu, there’s an identically labelled set of commands: Copy Style and Paste Style, with the keyboard shortcuts alt+cmd-C and -V respectively. They affect the font appearance but not the Ruler settings.

To my simple mind, it’s kind of confusing with two identically named command pairs that do different things.

I’d much prefer one set, which does both things: copies and applies Ruler and font settings in one fell swoop.

This, to me, would be the most useful action, since I frequently copy and paste text from other apps and, as often as not, forget to Paste and Match Style. Incidentally, the latter command does affect both Ruler and font!

Or did I misunderstand something?

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Hi Joachim,

No, you haven’t missed anything. Currently Scrivener uses the standard text system way of doing things, in which “Copy Style” and “Paste Style” are confusingly named (although I may have made a mistake in the toolbar, I’ll look at that). 2.0 addresses this, differentiating between copy/paste font and copy/paste ruler, and having copy/paste style do a combination of both.

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Hi Keith,

Thank you for the heads-up!

Another reason to look forward to v. 2. Apart from the enticing margin note-killer, if you pardon the expression. :wink:

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Along these (confusing) lines - how do I automatically strip formatting from other sources when pasting into Scrivener? I set a style in Scrivenver which is besically unformatted Times 12pt. And when I copy a word or phrase from say the web, I have to first put it into the search field of either the browser or Scrivener to strip the formatting and then select-all, copy and paste into my document…

Is there an easier way? Some button in prefs so that control-V only paste text without the style?

Go to the Edit menu: Paste and Match Style (Alt+Shift+Cmd-V). That’s it – I do it all the time. No need for runarounds… :wink:



Great! Thanks! I was never sure what style I was pasting if I did that and for some reason I never tried it (probably because you have to simultaneously hit so many key and that frightens me! :mrgreen: ).

ETA: Still it would be nice to switch those key commands, but I’m sure that would run counter to Apple GUI guidelines.

You can switch the key commands via the System Preferences - please see the FAQ.